edtwist portfolio – grant barber

Save The Bees (Subland, Berlin)

2000-03-01 22.40.35 700 seven hundred high

The Bees


Ugly Funk Art / End of The World Party Illustrations

blackclockheadhackney wickhomertondon't panicmonkeyteknoBan Bee Killing Pesticides





Criminal Justice Act (1994) Spray Paint/Acrylic

criminal justice act 1994 edtwist

This design wipes the smiley from the acid house emblem and comments on the legislation which set out to destroy rave culture in 1994.
Created for a ‘sound system culture’ exhibition in a reclaimed police station in Bristol.


The Owl is not what it seems


Owl with spanner legs welded to a pole. Constructed from rusting steel found some industrial wasteland in Australia. I welded the owl in a position to keep an eye on the place and never returned to see the owl again.



Dance & Disobedience exhibition, London

skateboarder for Dance & Disobedience

I created a series of paintings to raise awareness about the Council’s plan to destroy the legendary Southbank skateboarding heritage site (Dance & Disobedience, London).


‘Under The Radar’ design

UFU 007 W 700




new painting in Berlin urban art exhibition



street art appears in Savage Messiah (Verso Books)

A photograph of these Three TVs published in Savage Messiah (Verso)

A psychogeographic drift through a ruined city’… I came across these TVs on a street corner in Stoke Newington and added my touch to them. Laura Oldfield-Ford found them sometime later and took a photograph for her excellent zine Savage Messiah.
This photograph can also be found in her book Savage Messiah ‘a psychogeographic drift through a ruined city’ published by Verso Books.



Hackney Rave Animation picked up by NME.com

‘Hackney Rave animation’ picked up by NME.com

Watch it on the NME website.

New limited edition screen prints

Limited edition screen print (841 by 594 mm) on 315gsm heritage paper,  now available from Up-The-Arts.com